Book Imagefactor

imagefactor_cover_enby Catherine L. Tenger and Corinne Staub

  • the indispensable pocket-sized guidebook
  • published in 2009
  • sold over 10’000 times in seminars and bookstores
  • edited in German and English

There are countless situations in life when we would simply like to know how to get it right.

What should I wear when the invitation says «smart casual»? How do I combine colors stylishly and with confidence? What helps when I have a run in my stockings? Should I take off my shoes when I am invited to a private home? How do I lay my knife and fork on a plate? And, and, and …

The two authors, both experienced trainers, have used their expertise and flair to successfully explain what makes up a stylish performance. The result is this compact guide with practical tips for every day-to-day situation – in business or in private.

The book is available in German and in English. With “Imagefactor” an international audience can read up on the conventions in German speaking Europe.

Hardcover, 116 pages, 108 x 165 mm, 14.90 CHF
ISBN 978-3-033-02022-1 (German edition)
ISBN 978-3-033-02023-8 (English edition)