Table Etiquette

There is probably no other area in which one can form a direct impression about a person’s tactfulness, manners and way of life as in how they conduct themselves at the table. But much of what we originally learned is no longer up to date.

In this seminar you will receive an update on today’s table etiquette as well as guidelines for invitations and events and thus more security in dealing with clients, business partners and supervisors. It is especially pleasurable if you explore table culture “on the job” while  enjoying a lunch or dinner.


  • Table manners – dos and don’ts
  • At a private venue and at a restaurant
  • The role of the host and the guest
  • Table plan
  • Seating / The way to the table
  • Pitfalls of the aperitif
  • Place setting (serviette, glasses, handling cutlery)
  • Handling difficult dishes during meals
  • Small talk and conversation
  • Ordering with guests
  • Speeches