Seminars, workshops and virtual trainings – English/German

  • In-house seminars, online trainings and blended learning programs tailored to your specific needs in accordance with your corporate values, your company’s industry and customer group. To help your organization’s people be successful – as individuals and as brand ambassadors for your company.
  • Professional and personal development courses for anyone who strives to be more confident and charismatic at work and in life.

Speaker – English/German

  • Whether you need an inspirational keynote or a supporting program during your company event, symposium, your board meeting or customer events – as a speaker I will deliver a talk with passion and always with the goal to inspire and give your audience something that lasts beyond the speech.


  • Are you looking for a gift for your employees, a present for a dinner invitation or simply something for yourself? If you or the presentee understand German, how about a book? “FORMAT” is not only a practical guide to beeing authentically charismatic, it is also a pretty nice book.