One of the best long-term investments in successful business and private relations has always been to reciprocate favors pursuant to the principle “what goes around, comes around”. Reaching out to people, helping them to connect with others and building genuine relationships is the basis for effective networking. The power of networking will boost your professional success, provided that it is built on mutual trust.

In this seminar you will learn how to successfully build your network with good preparation, consistent follow-up and an authentic presence.


  • Are you a good networker? Defining the status quo
  • What networking really means
  • Connecting others
  • Maintaining relationships you already have
  • Good strategies for contact management
  • Establishing contacts skillfully
  • Network analysis
  • Where networking happens
  • Networking at events
  • Preparation is half the job
  • Meeting people / the right approach
  • Introducing yourself
  • Small Talk
  • Find an opening
  • Engaging conversations
  • Being interested
  • Moving on
  • Introducing people to eachother
  • Remembering names
  • Follow-up
  • What to do with new contacts?