Positive Leadership

Positive leadership is a leadership approach that focuses on identifying, fostering and enhancing the individual strengths and potential of employees and teams. The focus is therefore not exclusively on minimizing deficits, as is the case with many traditional leadership methods. Employees in a positive leadership culture who are able to make use of their skills and strengths in a goal-oriented way in their day-to-day work are proven to show increased commitment, higher productivity and satisfaction, which not only leads to above-average performance, but also to longer employee loyalty.

In this seminar, you will learn how to expand and strengthen your leadership skills by learning about and implementing modern leadership strategies, thus creating the basis for motivated and high-performing employees.


  • Appling the concepts and methods of positive psychology as a leader in a practical and solution-oriented way
  • Creating structures for personal growth and success
  • Identifying individual strengths and putting them to use in the team
  • Developing potential with the PERMA model according to M. Seligman
  • Building trust
  • Facilitating individual initiative and personal responsibility
  • Staying open to feedback and acting on it

As a certified PERMA-Lead® consultant I also offer optional test procedures which will provide you with detailed feedback on your leadership behavior and I will discuss the results with you during an evaluation coaching session.